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I hereby authorize you to deduct the sum of $37.00 monthly from my salary for the annual dues required for membership in the Denver Association of Educational Office Professionals/ CEA/NEA and to transmit said amount to the Treasure of DAEOP.  Such deductions shall be made beginning with my monthly salary payment due to me on or after.  I further agree that this deduction shall continue as long as I am employed by School District No. 1, or until revoked by completing and submitting to School District a DAEOP dues Deduction Revocation Form, which may be obtained ONLY from DAEOP, as per DAEOP/School District No. 1 Agreement No. 1, Article 3.3.3

I understand that salary deduction for DAEOP/CEA/NEA dues may be revoked only during the period of June 1 to June 30 of each ear as per Article 3.3.2

You are further authorized to increase or decrease the membership dues as voted on at the April General Meeting.  Members shall be notified in writing of any changes in the dues by the Membership Chair of the DAEOP prior to September 1, of each year. 

I expressly agree that the Board and the District shall not be liable for action growing out of these deductions and commenced by any person against the Board of the District and assume full responsibility for the disposition of the funds so deducted once they have been remitted to the Treasurer of the DAEOP.

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